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The Most Successful Give to Gustavus Day To-Date!

Thanks to the generosity of alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the College, Gustavus raised $215,666 for the Gustavus Fund during its annual Give to Gustavus Day on November 16, 2016. This is the most successful Give to Gustavus Day event in the College’s history. Give to Gustavus Day is all about participation. New this year […]

Tessa Wolfe ’07

“I give to Gustavus because Gustavus gave so much to me! That may sound cheesy, but those four years at GAC were so formative, rich, fun and memorable. I am forever grateful to the education I received and the experiences I had while at GAC.”  

Aaron Lee ‘96

“It is very simple as to why I give to the Gustavus fund.  I value my education, I met my wife at Gustavus, made lifelong friends there, and I now have the means to give. I am hoping that the money I give helps Gustavus provide a nurturing atmosphere like the one I experienced.”  

Megan Halvorsen Peterson ’99

“I give because the cost of college is rising. Every little bit helps defray current students cost and will reduce their debt burden when they graduate, making it easier for them when they leave Gustavus.  I also give because Alumni Giving % is a factor in college ratings. I had a great college experience and I […]

Mike Ryan ’03

“I give to Gustavus because I had a great experience there and made many friends that I still see on a regular basis.  I think Gustavus is a unique college where you can get a great education as well as have a social life where lifelong friendships can be made.  I would love to see […]

Charlie & Angie Potts ’01 ’04

“We feel a strong commitment to giving to Gustavus to ensure that current and future Gusties have the opportunities we had. Alums often give to their Alma Mater at important milestones – finishing grad school, getting married, the birth of a child, etc. – because that’s often when we reflect on what we’ve valued in our […]

Megan Bayrd & Paul Horvath ’99 ’99

“We give to Gustavus because our time there was incredibly meaningful for both of us. We built friendships that are like no others in our lives. It was there that we took the first step in our journey, and Gustavus is the very solid foundation underlying all aspects of our lives and careers. Our four years were […]

Amy Hero Jones ’99

“I give because I know that tuition does not cover the entire cost of a student to attend Gustavus, and I want to help cover that gap. My experiences at Gustavus have completely shaped who I am, and I am forever grateful for that. If my donation can help a student have the kind of […]

Kristy Wilke ’06

“My 4 years on the Gustavus campus are amongst the most fun, enriching and memorable years of my life.  I give because I know my contribution will ensure that students will share my experience for years to come.”  

Bonnie Dahlke ’00

“I couldn’t have gone to Gustavus without scholarships and grant aid from generous donors. Even though I’m still paying off loans, I give to Gustavus so someone else can have the same awesome, enriching, life-changing experience I got to have.”