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Senior Class Legacy Tribute to James Patrick Miller

    A pledge in honor of James Patrick Miller was received. -Noah

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Greg Aune

    He is one of the professors at Gustavus that is most passionate about the well being and success of his students, in life and in music. My experience at Gustavus would have been vastly different and poorer without Gustavus Choir and him as a professor. He is a humble role model and an […]

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Coach Brett Petersen

  Coach Petersen had a phenomenal impact on my career at Gustavus. He allowed me to try out for the men’s hockey program and allowed me to continue my dream of playing college hockey. He’s an incredible role model and I wish nothing but the best for the men’s hockey team. Thank you. -Erik

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Health Exercise Science Department

    Health and Exercise Science has inspired me to explore health science wellness in all cases. Thank you! -Mitch

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Bruce Smith

  Bruce was extremely influential in my academic career here at Gustavus. It was because of him that I chose my major of public accounting. Bruce is also the reason that I got a job with one of the “Big 4”  accounting firms. Thank you! -Alec  

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Al Behrends

  He has basically been a second father to me here at Gustavus. Working for him for the past 4 years has allowed me to gain a fantastic relationship with a person I view as my mentor, boss and friend. Thanks for making Gustavus feel like a home. -Henry

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Education Department

    I’ve been given an amazing experience in my education. Thank you! -Samuel

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Coach Shoemaker and Coach Cosgrove

  It has been a long 4-year journey, and you two had a huge impact on my life through these 4-years. You two helped me whenever I needed it and always gave me great advise. I want you two to know you are appreciated. Thank you! -Trevor

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Michael Hvidsten

  Mike has been my professor for multiple MCS classes and my math education advisor. He has helped me develop a deeper love of mathematics and its ability to make life richer and taller. Thank you Mike for everything you have done for me. -Tim

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Aaron Banks

Professor Banks has continuously been an influence in my life throughout my time at Gustavus. Between being my FTS advisor, professor, and J-term leader, he has always pushed me to work hard and pursue my dream of working in athletics. His guidance and advice has been so valuable in my life and I wouldn’t be […]