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Senior Class Legacy Tribute to History Department

The Gustavus History department is made up of incredible professors. We trust them to guide us, and they in turn trust us to do our work well. It’s rare and valuable to have professors treat you as adults, not just as students, and to make their faith in you known. Thank you to all the […]

Senior Legacy Tribute to Tuan Tong and Thu Pham

    As my parents, they have helped me with my pursuit in my education. -Anh

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Chad Winterfeldt

  Chad is such a patient, kind, and passionate director of hand bells. Being a part of Disney Hand bells has been a highlight of my senior year. We will miss you, Chad! -Laura

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Nursing Department

  Thank you Nursing Professors for the knowledge and support you’ve provided me throughout my college career. I feel equipped to be an excellent nurse because of each of you! – Kristine Rogers

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Laura Bowyer

  Laura has been one of my favorite professors at Gustavus. She has supported and encouraged me the past four years. Thank you! -Laura S.

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to Communication Studies Deptartment

  I am incredibly grateful for the support and guidance I have received from all of the members of the Communication Studies department. The faculty members are such incredible role models and mentors to me. Thank you for challenging me to think critically, ask questions, and always be curious about the world. I truly appreciate […]

Senior Class Legacy Tribute to the Education Department

    The Education Department has done so much for me and so I would like to give back. Thank you! – Anonymous

Senior Class Legacy 2017

  This year, the Class of 2017 chose their Senior Class Legacy to pledge and make a tribute to a Gustavus employee who has made a difference in the student’s life at Gustavus. The response has been overwhelming and rewarding to see the impact made for students at Gustavus by dedicated faculty and staff of the […]

Spotlight on Class Officers from ‘81

As the Class of 1981 approached our 35th Class Reunion, we embarked on an ambitious project which provided opportunities for mini-reunion gatherings and a renewed energy and focus on growing our class endowed scholarship fund. We produced a cookbook! The cookbook project was a 2+ year endeavor that attracted volunteers who had not previously been […]

Gustavus Fund Tips

Are you having a hard time knowing where to start when asking your Gustie alumni friends for gifts to the Gustavus Fund? By following these easy steps,  you’ll feel more comfortable and confident in speaking to the importance of support to the Gustavus Fund: Remember that this isn’t about you: You are asking money to support the […]