Vinai Vang ’11

Posted on October 9th, 2009 by

Vinai Vang

Vinai Vang '11

Major: Geography and Environmental Studies
Hometown: St Paul, MN

“Thank you for making my college career an easier and smoother path for both my family and me. With your kindness, I am able to concentrate on my school work and not worry as much about financial issues.”

“My family and I have come a long way, beginning in Laos to Thailand, then to the U.S. as refugees of the Vietnam War. We have been here for over 15 years, and pursuing education here is a blessing, thanks to the U.S. Government and your kind donations. We value education very much because we do not have education in Thailand like we do here in Minnesota.”

Future Plans: To be a teacher. I really value knowledge and want to pass that knowledge on to others like it has been passed on to me.


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